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Some employees mistakenly believe that they have to fund a Tribunal Claim themselves. As a result, they miss out on what could be rightfully theirs.

Whatever your claim may be, whether it involves unfair dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract or unpaid wages, there is a convenient and accessible way to fund the legal costs incurred by your solicitor or legal adviser in an Employment Tribunal claim.

At Astons Solicitors, our goal is to empower our clients. We will equip you with the expert guidance and information you need so you can identify and understand your funding options and make an intelligent decision.

No Win No Fee

With No Win No Fee funding, your solicitor will take a percentage of the damages they recover for you as their fee, either through a negotiated settlement of your claim or after a tribunal hearing. This type of funding agreement may also include payment of any disbursements incurred on your behalf.

The maximum percentage that your solicitor is allowed to take is 35%, including VAT. However, if no settlement is agreed or no damages are awarded by the Employment Tribunal, your solicitor won’t charge you for their services except for potential disbursements.

If you believe you have a strong case and want Astons Solicitors to provide you with legal assistance under a No Win No Fee agreement, please visit this page for more information.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Often, people don’t even realise that they might have legal expenses insurance.

Certain insurance policies (e.g., home insurance) include cover for legal expenses relating to employment law matters. Although policies can vary, this type of insurance will generally cover the legal fees incurred for bringing a claim in an Employment Tribunal. As a result, you would not need to pay any legal costs and you may get to keep 100% of any damages awarded.

You should check all your insurance policies to see if they provide this type of cover. You can do this by going through your policy documents. It is also a good idea to contact your insurer and ask whether your legal expenses insurance covers employment law claims.

To learn more about legal expenses insurance and how our law specialists at Astons Solicitors can help you file an application with your insurance provider, please click here.

Private Funding

As the name implies, private funding is where you fund part or all of your case. You will be liable for your solicitor’s fees, irrespective of the outcome of your claim. As rates vary considerably, it is well worth shopping around for the most qualified legal adviser who will represent you at the best hourly rate.

If you wish to fund your case privately, our employment law specialists offer reasonable and highly competitive hourly rates. Please visit this page to learn how Astons Solicitors can be of assistance.

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