Employment Tribunal Statistics on Menopause Cases

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It is reported that the number of cases reaching Employment Tribunals concerning menopause has increased by 44%.

The Menopause Expert Group analysed records and confirmed that:

  • there were 23 Employment Tribunal cases citing menopause in 2021 which was an increase on the year prior (when there were 16 such cases); and
  • the word “menopause” was mentioned 207 times in Tribunal documents in 2021 which was also an increase on the year prior (when there were 118 mentions).

The study went on to comment that awareness had grown around menopause in the workplace but that there is still work to be done. It is suggested that employers offer their workforce training about the symptoms, signs and side-effects of menopause.

Employees who feel they have been treated poorly due to menopause currently have recourse via possible claims for sex, age and/or disability discrimination. If they have 2 years’ service, they may also be able to bring a constructive dismissal claim.

It is a good idea for organisations to have a menopause policy and training in place. For help with preparing a policy or any other advice on this matter, please contact one of our experts.

Written by
Astons Solicitors
14th June 2022