No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors in Northampton and London, UK


At Astons Solicitors, we have a team of highly experienced no win no fee employment solicitors, ready to provide expert legal guidance and services for clients located in Northampton, London and throughout the rest of the UK.

It’s no secret how challenging it can be to file a claim against a former employer. Besides the stress and anxiety employees often experience during such a difficult time, they must also secure sufficient funding to keep the case going and ensure that they receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

Securing funding is a common cause of concern amongst employees who wish to make a claim against their employers for the unjust treatment they experienced in the workplace. If the claim is unsuccessful, being hit financially is a risk they are likely to face. On the other hand, if the claim is successful, there is a chance that a significant portion of their compensation will go to paying their lawyers’ fees.

At Astons Solicitors, our goal is to provide the best and most effective legal advice and assistance in Northampton and beyond without adding to our clients’ financial burdens. This is why, besides offering our services at very competitive rates, we can also lend our legal expertise on a no win no fee basis. If you’re in Northampton, London or UK based, learn more about our service below.



Also known as the Conditional Fee Agreement, the “no win no fee” agreement is an arrangement between a client and a lawyer whereby legal fees and expenses only become payable when the claim is successful. To put it simply, if the claim is not a success, a lawyer cannot oblige their client to pay their contingency and legal fees.

Up until a few years ago, employees who wished to file a claim against their employers would receive a monthly bill when they hired a solicitor to assist with their case and represent them in court. In most cases, the losing party would pay the winner’s costs. Therefore, if an employee won the case, they would receive compensation or “damages” and reimbursements for their legal expenses from their employer.

With the old system, an individual struggling financially was less likely to pursue legal matters even if they had a significant chance of winning their claim simply because they could not afford it. This prompted the UK government to conduct reviews and eventually scrap the system to introduce the conditional fee agreement.

Under the new system, no win no fee employment lawyers do not send their clients a monthly or hourly bill for their services. Instead, they keep a record of the legal expenses they incur throughout the case. The solicitors can recover their costs when their client wins, and the losing party reimburses them as a result. If their client is unsuccessful, they cancel their bill and shoulder the loss.

Because of this, a “no win, no fee” agreement provides a significant advantage to the client/employee as it transfers the financial risk from them to the solicitors.

Please note that from a technical and legal perspective, the client still owes the solicitor the funds that would be spent on the case even if their attorney does not bill them for their legal services. This is because the solicitors need to prove that their client owes them fees in order to receive reimbursement from the losing party.

If you are filing a claim against your employer, you need not be concerned when you see specific phrases such as “rates”, “legal costs”, and the “amount you need to pay”, on the no win, no fee agreement. The part you should pay attention to is the one that states that the legal fees will be cancelled if the claim is not successful.

Your financial protection is ensured if the agreement specifies that:

  • The defendant (i.e., your employer) will reimburse your no win no fee employment solicitors if the claim is successful; and
  • The solicitor agrees to shoulder the legal fees if the claim is unsuccessful.



It is no secret that pursuing legal matters can be expensive. However, our team here at Astons Solicitors believes that employees do not deserve to face immense financial pressure and be subjected to additional challenges, especially after what they have been through recently. This is why, if you need to lodge a claim against your employer but financial difficulties are preventing you from doing so, we encourage you to enlist the services of our no win no fee employment law solicitors under our agreement.

Since its inception a few years ago, the UK no win no fee system has provided several benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Legal Services are Now More Accessible

One of the most significant advantages and benefits of the no win, no fee agreement is that it made legal services more accessible to everyone. Today, anyone can seek expert legal advice and representation, irrespective of their current financial status. The no win no fee agreement helps ensure that financial difficulties do not hinder less well-off individuals from pursuing legal actions against those who maligned or mistreated them.

2. Financial Risks are Reduced

UK Employees are now more comfortable making a claim and seeking just compensation from abusive employers. Because the solicitors are the ones to take on the financial risks, filing a case places no additional burden on them. More importantly, entering into a no win no fee agreement eliminates the need to worry about paying legal fees, whether the claim is successful or not.

3. Filing a Claim is Quicker

The no win, no fee system helps expedite the process of filing a claim and seeking compensation from your employer. You do not have to wait to save enough money to seek legal services since there is no need to pay legal fees upfront. As a result, your employment law solicitors can start preparing the case as soon as possible. Potential delays to the case brought about by insufficient funding can also be eliminated.

4. Filing a Claim is Less Stressful

Because enlisting the services of a no win no fee employment solicitor in the UK takes money out of the equation, filing a claim against one’s employer becomes relatively less stressful. Employees can focus on the case instead of worrying about where and how to obtain the funds they need to secure reliable legal services and representation.


As explained earlier, the lawyers are the ones to take on the financial risks when they offer their legal services under the no win no fee agreement. Put simply, employees need not pay upfront to obtain legal assistance. However, please take note that should they win the case, they will be asked to pay the solicitors a success fee instead of being charged hourly or paying a fixed rate.

The success fee is usually capped at a maximum of 35% of the compensation received. However, this rate is not set in stone as it would ultimately depend on the case’s individual circumstances.

If the claim is successful, the losing party (i.e. the defendant or employer) is the one to pay the total costs, including the employment solicitors’ legal fees. On the other hand, if the claim is unsuccessful, the solicitors will shoulder all the legal expenses. Either way, no substantial financial burden will be placed on the employee filing a claim.


To enlist the services of no win no fee employment lawyers, you must be at least 18 years old. However, please bear in mind that even if you meet this essential requirement, not all types of employment law cases are guaranteed eligibility for the agreement.

To determine one’s eligibility, employment law solicitors need to conduct an initial assessment of the case. They will go over all relevant documents and study every detail related to the claim. Since they are the ones to take on the financial risks associated with the case, the solicitors are required to employ such stringent measures to ensure that they have a very significant chance of securing victory for their clients.

If you’re based locally in Northampton, London or further afield in the UK and wish to verify your eligibility for the no win, no fee agreement, kindly get in touch with us to discuss the details of your claim and obtain the answer to any questions you may have.


Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about this system.

1. How much compensation can I claim when using a no win no fee employment solicitor?

There is no definite answer to this question since the amount of compensation you will receive will depend on several factors. Rest assured that our employment law team will do our very best to ensure that you receive the best possible results should you enlist our services. If you wish to learn more about this matter, we encourage you to contact us.

2. What is the catch with no win, no fee agreements?

Some employees may be reluctant to enlist the services of a no win no fee solicitor, thinking that there might be a catch. This is understandable since it is rare to find professionals who offer their services for free these days. However, you will be happy to hear that there is no catch when you enter into a no win, no fee agreement with employment law solicitors.

The system behind the Conditional Fee Agreement is designed to provide everyone in the UK with access to expert legal services and the right to claim compensation regardless of their financial status. Therefore, you can rest assured that no hidden fees are waiting for you, whether your employment claim is successful or not.


As Astons Solicitors, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, energetic, and friendly employment law services. Our goal is to ensure maximum client satisfaction by meeting or even exceeding their expectations. If you wish to file a claim against your employer but your existing financial status is preventing you from doing so, we are happy to offer you our services on a no win, no fee basis. You can count on us to go the extra mile to secure victory and ensure that you will receive the compensation you deserve. If you are located in Northampton, London or anywhere else in the UK, please call us today to book an appointment.