If you believe you have been discriminated against at work you may be able to claim compensation by going to an Employment Tribunal. Compensation may be paid to you for any loss of earnings suffered and for injury to feeling which resulted from the discrimination.

The awards Employment Tribunals can make in discrimination cases are unlimited and therefore the compensatory monetary award can be high. In the majority of cases your claim must be submitted to the Tribunal within three months of the act of discrimination so it is imperative your claim is presented within this time period.

You should therefore seek advice at the earliest opportunity as time is of the essence. It is a requirement before you bring a claim for discrimination in the Employment Tribunal that you commence ACAS early conciliation within three months of the act of discrimination or the last series of acts.

Listed below are links to more information about specific types of discrimination but if you would like to discuss your case with one of our dedicated employment solicitors please Contact Us for a free initial telephone consultation. If we feel you have a valid claim we will help to ensure you receive rightful compensation and justice.


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