Settlement Agreements

If you find yourself in the situation where you are being asked to sign a settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement), it is critical that you have a complete understanding of what your rights are, what you are giving up and that you get everything that is due to you.

You are legally required to obtain legal advice

It is so easy to be ‘bamboozled’ with legal jargon and end up losing out just because you didn’t have a full understanding. It is a legal requirement that you obtain legal advice on the terms and effect of the settlement agreement.  This must come from a relevant independent legal adviser as set out in law which includes a solicitor.  Without this advice the agreement would not be valid.

Settlement Agreement specialists

There is however no requirement that your solicitor has a detailed knowledge of employment law. Here at Astons, all our solicitors are experts in the field of employment law and regularly advise employees on settlement agreements. At Astons our solicitors will ensure you have a complete understanding of the terms of your settlement agreement and fundamentally also whether we believe it offers you a “good deal.”

Costs covered by your employer

Better still the cost of taking our advice will normally not cost you anything as most employers will contribute to the cost of you seeking independent legal advice on the settlement agreement terms.

Gain a better deal

Astons Solicitors can advise you on your settlement agreement either over the telephone or if you prefer at a face to face meeting. We have a proven track record of improving the terms for our clients.  Our client testimonials speak for themselves.


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